Blackjack is a famous casino game in the United States but has now become known all over the world. In this banking game, players will aim to achieve a hand with total points closer to 21 than the hand of the banker. The point should not exceed 21. In casinos in Nevada, the game is typically called “21” instead of Blackjack and an ace’s holding with a card of ten points is termed as “natural.” In Britain, the name Black Jack is used for a totally different card game similar to Crazy Fights. The fundamental rules of Blackjack vary by casinos. Thus, local variations must be checked by players before they play.

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How the Game Works

An international 52-card deck is used in playing Blackjack without jokers. Normally, casinos utilize different decks that are mixed together so that the game will be accelerated (when there are more cards in play, reshuffling will not necessary following each single hand) and add more difficulty to counting the card. Card counting is used for gaining an advantage over the casino as the proportions of various value cards in play are monitored.

In every casino, the number of decks vary; however, they can be anything from 2-8 in the shoe. The frequency of the re-shuffling also varies by casinos and on the number of used decks. Frequent re-shuffling is a technique for diminishing the card counting’s value. Casinos have specially-designed tables to play Blackjack on. They employ a permanent dealer and have room that can accommodate up to 8 players who will play against the dealer. Every player plays in his designated area in his front. Cards are placed in this area where the players can make their bets. The blackjack table should have a sign which clearly posts the betting limits. Usually, the table is printed with important rules like “Dealer must draw on 16 and stand on all 17’s” or “Blackjack pays 2 to 2.”

Game Works

Players must use chips for betting. The dealer can sell them these chips. When the action has a break, players will just place cash on the table and it will be changed by the dealer for an equivalent playing chips value. The standard casino chips dominations are:

  • black chips = $100
  • white chips = $1
  • white chips = $1
  • green chips = $25
  • red chips = $5

Game Works

Playing Black Jack at Home

When a player chooses to play black jack at the comfort of his home, he must take turns as the dealer. This will guarantee the games fairness (unless the player hosting the game has specified that he wishes to act the entire game’s house and this is agreed by all other players). Every hand, players can switch dealer or whatever their decision may be. When they are playing with a deck of cards, it is best to re-shuffle following every hand. Certainly, players must have a fancy blackjack table so that he can play the game. However, they should also have a minimum of one card pack and something to bet with such as chips, cash or probably matches.

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Playing Black Jack

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