FPS or First-Person Shooter is a computer game that puts a player in a first-person setup and it involves pinning down of virtual opponents. For a gamer, it’s extremely important that the he has the edge over others. Of the things that are needed in this game, a good sound quality is definitely a must.

When it comes to audio, a good gaming headset has to have a nice sound quality for the best experience. It should also have a decent microphone so that users can effectively talk with their teammates. And above all, it must be comfortable – really comfortable to the ears that won’t cause any headaches, earaches and other possible pain.

Logitech G930

Logitech G930: A Review

One of the most famous headsets in the realm of FPS, the Logitech G3290 is a top choice among gamers. It’s been made with good quality and great design. After reading this review, I chose to buy the G930, and here is my own Logitech G930 review so you would know why many gamers love this gaming headset:

  • Price. Starting off this Logitech G930 review is the first reason why it’s a preferred choice among many players – its price. A good quality headset is normally priced more than a hundred bucks, but for the Logitech G930 it’s not always the case.

Logitech G930

  • Just like its wired versions, the Logitech G930 is designed ergonomically meant to provide comfort to the user. Its design features a broad, flexible headband and a large padded earcups. It also has a semi-rigid microphone that is mounted on its left earcup allowing the user to put it up and down or adjust it according to the user’s preference.

This headset is wireless so users can easily use it with much ease. They will only have to plug into their computers a dongle to start using it.

Logitech G930

Moreover, this wireless headset from Logitech comes in with helpful buttons. On its left earcup are the buttons for on/off switch, volume control, surround-sound, and settings.

  • Logitech has always been consistent when it comes to comfort. Its earcups are padded so that users can wear it for hours without any discomfort. Moreover, it has an adjustable headband for easy fitting.
  • Now, of all the aspects listed in this Logitech G930 review its performance is probably the one you’re waiting for. Well, here’s how it fairs:

Logitech G930

When it comes to performance, the G930 not only delivers well but with great excellence. For most users who have experienced its sound quality, they found that this wireless headset is nothing compared to other headsets because the surround sound is really akin to the real one. This gives the users the edge over their opponents.

When it comes to its microphone, it also does well. It is clear and crisp. There’s also a control for its pitch and tone.

And The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a gaming headset that is both of great quality and of great price – then the Logitech G930 is the best bet. It has almost everything that a high-priced headset can offer. It also has an intuitive design and great comfort all geared to make your FPS game more fun and exciting.