Some parents automatically believe that online games are more harmful to their children than beneficial. But, playing games online can offer a number of benefits to the skills development of your child.

When parents make reasonable guidelines with their kids and creative positive agreements around online gaming, struggles such as children staying up late to play games on their PC, not being interested in school or work and issues with kids isolating themselves don’t have to become a problem.


The internet is full of fun and age-appropriate games which can offer opportunities for kids to exercise their creativity, practice persistence, set goals, learn new information and develop responsibility. Games such as building cities, taking care of a virtual pet and puzzles can be quite fun. Many Friv games are focused on letting your child enjoy the play and learn from it.

Before you introduce online games to your kid, consider taking time to review and choose a game you are comfortable with. For instance, when your kid likes animals, some animal games online have a lot of reviews and explanations on how the game works and the appropriate age they are designed for.  Below are some of the skills that your child can develop or practice as he plays online games.

Exercise His Creativity

Games which allow kids to select and customize animals such as online horse games, allow the creativity of a child to spark. For a lot of games, selecting colors, features and accessories are their main goals.


Learn about Setting and Achieving Goals

A number of games are goal-oriented evident in concrete objectives that every player must meet in each level. This teaches children to set their goals and get motivated to achieve them by mastering the required skills and using their own strategies.

Work on Online Social Skills

Depending upon the age of your child and what you think is appropriate, there are online games which offer an opportunity for kids to interact with other players. This can be a chance to talk about conducting one-self online and how much personal information they can share online as well as when to ask help from mom or dad.

Combat Arms absorbing game

Practice Responsibility

Offering your child the opportunity to play online games like those at Jeux de Friv can allow them to learn how to be responsible particularly when it comes to time management. Together with your kid, try to reach an agreement which works for both of you and offers your kid enough time to work on school work, meet with friends and have time to play.

Absorb Information in a Way that is Fun

Classroom educators continue to establish new strategies to teach boring concepts to children. A lot of people believe that changing the conventional modes of teaching into more creative and innovative techniques allow children to learn more as well as understand and absorb more complex concepts. Usually, online games are full of fun facts which kids just learn while having fun.