Arcade games are quite in trend these days. They are almost everywhere and in almost all types of businesses. You will see them even in the restaurants of ships, hotels, bars and most of all, you will see a number of arcade machines in malls. Yes, more and more businesses realize the power of arcade machines to draw crowds thus they incorporate them in their businesses. It is just a good thing though that you can easily see arcade games for sale these days thus if you are planning to also incorporate arcade machines in your business, you can easily find a provider.

Before looking for arcade machines for sale though, it is important that you are well aware the top sellers of arcade games or the most favorite kinds of games. This way, you will know which one to prioritize.

Here are most played arcade games of all time:

Donkey Kong – for sure you already played this game as this is really making a big hit since this was created by Shigeru Miyamoto way back Nintendo’s 1981 era. One of the factors for the popularity of this game is the fact that this can be played out over four different interfaces.

Asteroids – Space war themed games were then also making a big hit and they are quite visible until now. The reason is the fact that the mechanics of the game was actually just simple which is also the reason why, angry bird game is making a phenomenal hit. Asteroids game is created way back 1979, making use of hardware from then, the popular Atari vector coin-op.


NBA JAM – this is understandable though as almost all of us are smitten with basketball games, like even women love this game. This game was then released during the time when arcades had a second wind in the year, 1993.

Pac-man – this is another al time favorite game. This also comes with a simple mechanic thus everyone can enjoy this game. You only need to be really fast so that you can always navigate pac-man to safe route. The game was really programmed for the star to just move in a random manner so that the player cannot use the same pattern everything which my result for him to get bored in time.


Street Fighter II – this is just a sequel to Capcom’s arcade hit in the year 1987. However, this becomes another hit in the year of the 90s. With this sequel, a new style of fighting is introduced and this becomes one of the factors that this game is making a hit. It is said that this game then, sold about 60,000 units globally.

There are still so many arcade games that are really making big names. You might assume that people will get tired of arcade games but that is not the case really as if you are observant, they are still one of the best crowd drawers when it comes to businesses.