Anyone well-versed with the Competitive Mode of Overwatch knows how tough it can be to progress ahead, especially when you don’t have a reliable team. To get into the Competitive Mode, you need to play 10 qualifier matches, and the results will be judged on both individual performance loss-win ratio. Next, you get the rank number and move to the Competitive Mode, where the rank can go up or come tumbling down, depending on how many matches you win or lose. When you are struck, you can ask someone more experienced to play on your behalf, and that’s boosting. Below are some of the other aspects worth knowing about Overwatch Boost.

Understanding how boosting works

Competitive Overwatch Boosting is a trending thing now, and while the developers have been trying to discourage the same, many players continue to use such services. The idea is very simple and can be divided in three steps

  • You find a company that offers boosting services for the Competitive Mode
  • You decide what rank or other things you want for your account
  • You pass on your login credentials to the concerned service
  • A high-ranked player will play on your behalf
  • Once your leaderboard rankings and standings have improved, the credentials are returned
  • You pay a price for the same.

Should you consider boosting?

Admittedly, moving from the Rank mode to Competitive Mode isn’t the easiest thing for sure. However, with that said, it is important to understand that all services are not the same. There is considerable risk of handing over your account to someone you don’t even know. People have been duped, accounts have been compromised, and in some cases, unauthorized purchases have been made. Frankly, boosting sites are not new, but you need to do your homework when it comes to selecting one. Find one that offers 100% protection, is secure, and has been reviewed well by other players. The pricing should be affordable, as well, and even some of the best sites have nice discounts, which can be really handy.

The right website can offer a comprehensive range of Overwatch boost services, which can be really handy for new players. While boosting is not always recommended, it is always an easy way to move ahead, especially when you have been trying for a while. Check online right away and find the boosting services reviewed by other players.