Gifting chocolates is now a passé. With Ki-Gu-Mi wooden puzzle you can now have a better gifting ideas. If you are creative minded, or life you like to build things with your own hands, you’re going to love Ki-Gu-Mi!

Ki-Gu-Mi’s wide array of 3D wooden art puzzles is nothing less than a soulful escapade from everyday’s monotony. The intricately made wooden puzzles at Ki-Gu-Mi reiterates about the interweaving of utopian craftsmanship with technical skills.Thanks to these adorable yet classy 3D wooden puzzles that help you craft Eifel Tower and London’s Eye with your bare hands, at times of boredom and lows.

Ki-Gu-Mi iterates you fall in love with their enticing wooden puzzle art. Here is how.

  • Different Skill levels;

With varied design complexity, Ki-Gu-Mi are suitable if you’re a newbie or a more serious model maker.From naughty toddlers to grumpy old aged, Ki-Gu-Mi has a thing for every age. You are free to mould something as complicated as an Eifel Tower and castles or something penny plain alike cute rabbits and dolphins. They believe in keeping their wooden puzzle art a five-finger exercise for children by ruling out complicacies. Children can easily push out the pieces from the wooden cardboard and start giving shapes to them.

  • Induces Concentration Power;

Ki-Gu-Mi’s extravagant wooden puzzle art induces concentration power in children and aged alike. Besides, it helps foster cognitive skills, stimulates self-confidence, enhance problem solving ability and more. It has been scientifically proven, that children tend to develop their concentration and learning ability thrice the time through puzzle making than through any other activity. The ever glorious moment in having been able to complete a piece after much concentration and time, is sure to clad you with unparalleled joy.

At an age, when the bigger crowd believes in sinking their heads on their latest version of Android and upgraded technologies, why not put your energy and time in something unique? Something extraordinary and something useful? And what better way to put your effort into good use, than by 3D puzzle making?

So go ahead, gift something unique to the ones you love, or you might as well want to gift Ki-Gu-Mi to yourself, because you always deserve something special, after all.