Pokemon Go officially launched its app on both iOS and Android platforms, and since then it has been a huge hit to all mobile gamers across the globe. The game gained a massive following because the game’s programming is centered in Virtual Reality, which means it uses the smartphone’s camera and location to provide a real-time virtual experience of the game.

The Pokemon franchise has always been popular ever since the first variation of the game was released. Although Pokemon Go became very popular in the beginning, it didn’t take long until people decided to stop playing it because of numerous reasons. However, Niantic is releasing updates now and then to encourage old players to play again.

Gaining Lost Ground

For people who played Pokemon Go since day one, they’re probably at the max level by now or close to it. If you haven’t played for a few months or a few years, don’t worry as there are Pokemon Go cheats available all over the internet to help you recover some lost ground when being unable to play for a while. Now here are the reasons why you should play again.

The Research Progress

Players have another reason to play again and keep playing as the game recently provided its players a goal to achieve. Playing every day gives the player a stamp to collect, and after collecting a week’s worth of stamps you would encounter a random encounter for you to capture. The best part is that there are times that the encounters are a legendary Pokemon.

Ripple In Time

There was a previous update that allowed its players to capture a Mew, an iconic Pokemon back in the old days. Moreover, Niantic released a new update that gives challenging quests to players that leads to a legendary Pokemon called Celebi for everyone to capture.

The Mythical Discovery

Recent updates make Professor Oak inquire players to do a sequence of things to do, and after you’ve finished all of it, the players are rewarded with a chance to get Mew, a legendary Pokemon. This update also gives a chance to the players to gain massive experience to level up their in-game characters.

Pokemon Trading

This is one of two reasons that players are starting to diminish from the game because the original Pokemon franchise allowed its players to trade Pokemon with other players. Sometimes there are benefits to the Pokemon itself when being traded such as unlocking a new transformation or a new power-up.

Battling Against Other Trainers

This is the other main reason that players started giving up on the game, battling against other players. When this feature was released on the original Pokemon franchise, the game immediately gained a massive following. Now that Pokemon Go released this feature recently, the number of active users per month increased dramatically.

Pokemon Raids

This update was a first for every Pokemon player ever, players are shocked to what exactly does the update means. To be frank, raids are scheduled events in the game that requires multiple players to challenge. And if your team is strong enough that manages to defeat the raid boss, all of the members shall receive a very special Pokemon as a reward.

Releasing New Pokemon Into The Wild

When the was initially released, the game only offers to capture Pokemon from the first generation. However, Niantic is gradually releasing Pokemon from all of the generations. If you think you have captured all of them, think again as there are now more Pokemon to discover and to capture.

Special Events

Niantic came up with a solution as to how to keep players in the game, and that is to release major and minor events from time to time. This solution gave players reasons to come back to the game as Niantic would release unique and challenging challenges that would capture the interest of players.

Fewer Bugs

Ever since the game started, Pokemon Go was full of unexpected bugs that are either good or bad. There are bugs that aids players to spoof their location to make their characters travel from one continent to another. The bad bugs are the unexpected loss of connection, losing content due to sudden disconnection, and a missing user interface.

You Can Earn While Playing

Other than playing for fun, Pokemon Go gives a chance to people who need a quick buck as there are ways to make money with Pokemon Go. The most common is to sell a high-level account, the others are just services offered related to the game such as becoming an uber for Pokemon hunters and selling your lure module at Pokestops.


Pokemon Go is a wonderful game as it brings back the memories of people who used to play the very first variation of the game. Other than bringing joy to the hearts of people who used to love the Pokemon franchise, it also gives many benefits such as a daily exercise, meeting new people, and having fun, which adds to the reasons why you should play again.

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