Is it possible to get 70% winning rates in soccer tips and predictions? Can any tipster actually provide it? Can a tipster provide the answer to the much asked question—how to win big on football bets?

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Services offered by verified tipsters

The plethora of tipster websites available on the internet might make it a bit confusing for punters, especially those who are newbies and still looking to find the answer to the question “how to win big on football bets?” But there are certain points which every punter should be aware of when making the choice of selecting a verified tipster. These points are:

The tipster should have a proven success record corroborated and authenticated with facts which should be made available to punters who register themselves in the hope of getting soccer betting tip, callable of ensuring a good win.

  • There are several third party agencies who verify tipster websites for their authenticity and a bettor should check for such tipster websites that are actually verified by these agencies. It has been statistically seen that a relationship between a verified tipster and a bettor usually lasts a long time as it is fruitful for both.
  • Good and famous tipster websites generally offer a free trial before asking the bettor to register themselves by paying their registration fees. During the trial period tipsters offer tips and predictions on recommended football bets which the bettor can apply and see if they deliver the promised results. It is a fact that all tips and predictions do not result in winning bets but when these are given out by verified tipsters, they tend to maximize the wins and minimize the loses to a great extent. In fact this trial period also enables bettors to test the type of service that is being offered so that the bettor can decide if they are what he is looking for.

It is also very important for bettors to check the customer reviews that are available on the tipster website. This helps the bettor understand the type of service that the tipster website offers and also if they are sympathetic to problems faced by bettors or if they have any requests regarding the tips and predictions that they get.

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