The Slayer is a compound animal creature that blends people and beast bats and battles with quick activity utilizing bats’ physical capacities and wings. The mu online slayer utilizes a short blade as a weapon, toss a weapon, or rapidly approaches and assault multiple objectives.

The slayer assaults multiple adversaries in extent. Mu online Slayer was initially a human conceived in Lorancia and was re-made by Kundun’s successful experiment of mixing human and bat-type beast. The complex turned into a living animal.

In the Cantur, which was demolished in 1896, Kundun and his powers found a mind-boggling living experiment result. To make his corpse all the more remarkable, he utilizes his experiments to make complex creatures. Slayer is the principal compound to succeed in Kundun’s test. Slayer was captured by Kundun powers and afterwards it is re-made as an instrument of a merciless butcher, in which sentiments of unlimited accommodation are lost. As a human individual, it joins magnificent knowledge with the capacity to look and track using bat’s ultrasound.

The mu online slayer character utilizes its savage perspectives to murder everything that is by all accounts of superb hunting and more. It utilizes it as a professional killer to pulverize the individuals who attempted to revolt and opposed in Kundun’s nearest years.


Blade Latency: As the character moves rapidly to one side and right, it successively tosses three short blades that travel every which way like a boomerang; targets hit by the tossed sword take one harm. The aptitude prerequisites incorporate, Level: 30/Quality: 50/Dexterity: 100.

Batlock: The character flies the bats forward; the targets in the contact with bats take the harm. The aptitude necessities incorporate, Level: 270/Quality: 100/Deftness: 380.

Puncture Assault: The character rapidly moves toward the object arrangements to scuffle harm the same and comes back to its place. The character assaults an objective that has been supported by the Bat Run. Further, the character will discover an escape clause and expand the harm furthermore. The expertise prerequisites incorporate, Quality: 300/Nimbleness: 1100 and Requires Bat Rush Aptitude10 focuses.

Recognition: The character distinguishes the area of living things within a specific range. Discovery results are shown on the minimap for a specific timeframe. The Cooldown time is 5 seconds. The ability prerequisites incorporate, Level: 400/Dexterity: 800.


The major pro is of better undertakings – Mu online slayer doesn’t give grotworms, waterfiends nor desert strykewyrm. She gives evil spirits which u can use to slaughter abby devils.

The major con in the mu online slayer game is that the priff is better than the new region because priff has made it simpler to purchase supplies in the middle of undertakings while in the new zone there is just a bank chest. strykewyrm bunch anyway there are separate assignments for ice strykewyrm so if u detest doing the two it is going to take 2 square spaces.