If you have earlier played Call of Duty Black Ops game, then you may be aware that you have several missions to complete. Operation Red Circus is one of them and it is one of the toughest. In this game, you not only have to find and review suspects, you also need to gather evidence against them. You may find it a bit tricky because you need to gather three pieces of solid evidence. Afterwards you can start the actual operation. In this article, you will find tips to gather the evidence and tips to review suspects. cold war cheats will help you pick the right targets.

After introducing yourself to evidence board, you will know about operation Red Circus and another operation Chaos. You can jump in and any of them. In both these missions, you need to gather evidence, if you want to get the best evidences; you are advised to use the best resolution and cold war cheats.

Break in the wall

Franz Kraus’s ledger is solid evidence; you will get it in Brick in the Wall mission. In case you take on this mission to kill or rescue cold war operative, then you will also come to know about the basement.

Cassette tape and activities

While visiting the mount Yamantau facility, you will enter the first building through the whole in the wall. You will find a cassette tape lying on the table, on the floor you will find another piece of evidence.


In the KGB headquarters lies another piece of evidence, but it is little harder to find. This is an open space level, which you can easily explore. This open space can appear anywhere, this makes it difficult to find.

If you are having trouble to find it, then you need to work harder as this will enhance your chances to get success. After clearing the camera room and deactivating surveillance. This level will open up for you providing you access to move anywhere. Search for the records room because you will find it lying on the table. Remember this is a red mark room in the right of the map. You have a big chance to get the watch on the desk if you go to the records room directly before visiting any other place.

How to mark suspects

In total there are eight suspects, you need to pick three of them before going on the mission. If you will pick them correctly, then it will help you in dealing with identified spies separately.