Gambling addiction is a major issue in Korea.  In recent years, the issue has been made more serious by a rapid rise in gambling addiction among young people. The Korean government is still drafting legislation to deal with the issue of gambling addiction.

What is a gambling game?

Gambling games are the most popular form of entertainment. The Korean Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism estimates that over 100,000 gambling establishments across South Korea have about $20 billion wagered annually. The ministry also found that a little over 12% of Koreans aged 18-69 gambled in 2017.

Gambling addiction in Korea:

There are several factors that contribute to gambling addictions and the difficulties of  overcoming them, such as:

  1. Familial gambling addiction
  1. Peer pressure to gamble
  1. Gambling is addictive for some people in general, even without any other factors.

Gambling addictions can be treated through counseling or by limiting the amount of money one has access to not continue with their compulsive behavior. There are also self-help groups that one can attend to discuss their addiction and learn coping strategies from the other members.

Gambling is linked with depression, loneliness, and other mental illnesses. It can make people turn their attention away from themselves or what they’re feeling; therefore, it can create a vicious cycle for someone who is depressed because the gambling itself will only make them feel worse.

The path to overcoming any addiction includes seeking professional help, changing one’s lifestyle and environment to avoid triggers that might cause relapse (i.e., not going near casinos), staying accountable by having people keep an eye on their behaviors so they don’t relapse into old habits, and getting support from loved ones to get through difficult times when cravings or urges strike. You should check out ?????? for safe and non-addictive ways to gamble.