With the increasing popularity of Facebook poker games for several social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and few others, there is an unfortunate rise in reports of the players’ accounts being hacked and having all their Facebook poker chips stolen. The forums on such social networking sites are flooded with reports like these. And with the increase in value of Facebook poker chips, the reports also continue to rise.


But, there are few ways that you can follow to avoid these hackers to break into your account and steal your poker chips.

  • Never Share Your Password

This probably is the most common thing that you should take care of. However, you would be amazed to know that most of the people lose their hard-earned chips just because they shared their password with a friend or a family member. Future is full of surprises and you never know what it holds for you. You might share your password with someone you trust but he/she might be a cheat who later ditches you and also takes away all your poker chips with him/her just to get back at you. So, it’s crucial to make it a habit to never give out your password and other login information to anyone so as to ignore any complications in future.

Never Share Your Password

  • Never Fall for the Scams by the Hackers

The most common way to break into anyone’s account is by sending them a fake message to their Facebook inboxes faking it to be from some official representative from a social website or game inventor themselves. These fake messages or spam lets the user enter their login information on some inappropriate websites, which later is used by the hackers to hack their accounts. Always remember, the official representatives of the game or a social networking website will never contact you through a message. So, if you ever receive these messages, delete them immediately.


  • Never Download Any Cheat Programs or Trainers for Facebook Poker Chips

Most of the cheats or shortcut trainings for Facebook poker are nothing but Trojan virus. The phishers display them on several sites like YouTube or Facebook, claiming to double or triple your poker chips in matter of few minutes. And if you are not smart enough to avoid it and instead download and run the program and try to login into your account through it, a replica of your password automatically goes to the hacker who can easily break into your account and steal all your points.

Trainers for Facebook Poker Chips

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Maria Blake is a big fan of poker games, and a great player who enjoys the game to every bit. She also loves to share few tips on safe playing with her readers through the help of her blogs.