The Lottery is one kind of gambling choice that is open to everyone as it doesn’t require a particular type of knowledge Whether they are a keen casino player, into sports betting, card sharp or simply a regular person who fancies trying their luck on one of the famous lotteries. The three biggest lotteries are the Euro Millions, Powerball and Mega Millions, but there are many other massive competitions which also offer super prizes.

European Lotteries:

The Euro Jackpot, which started in 2012, regularly offers its players fantastic jackpot prizes. It is Europe’s fastest growing lottery and is currently played on average by an astounding quarter of a billion people across Europe. With a varied choice of how you play, you can go for your favourite numbers or select a lucky dip coupon for a random selection. The main premise is to match 5 numbers out of a choice of 50 as well as 2 “Euronumbers” out of a choice of 8. You can find a full description of the EuroJackpot as well as other details in regards to it by visiting:

The UK lotto is another major player in the lottery industry since its commencement in 1994. Players pick six numbers from 1 to 49, with a match of all 6 needed to take home the jackpot. Draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturday with six numbers and a bonus ball drawn.

European Lotteries

As far as German lotteries go, Lotto 6 aus 49 is the biggest domestic lottery. This is drawn on Wednesday and Saturday and involves choosing six numbers out of a selection of 1 to 49 and one “Super Number” out of 1 to 9. The top prize is won if all six numbers and the super number are matched.

The Spanish are famous for their love of their national lottery and El Gordo, La Primitiva and Bonoloto are the popular Spanish selection of lottery games. El Gordo means ‘The Fat One’ and the attractive jackpots on offer often reflect this name. The game simply requires players to pick five numbers from 1-54 and then an extra number from 0-9 called a “Key Number”. It is drawn every Sunday and a match of five numbers as well as the Key Number is needed to win the jackpot.

Keno: The Earliest form of the lottery

One of the earliest lotteries was devised as the game of Keno. This lucky numbers game is often available online at online casinos and can also be found as a game on various slot machines. The first signs of Keno are from old slips found from the Chinese Han dynasty of around 200BC. The modern style lotteries were played in Roman times with small items of silverware as prizes. This incredibly old game is still going strong today all over the world and the simplicity and excitement of the game means it is likely to last forever.

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Government Regulation of National Lotteries

The lottery can be played online or in person and it is possible to purchase tickets from many different participating shops. Across the world, the lottery is very popular and national lotteries are highly regulated. In the UK the lottery is operated by Camelot Group and regulated by the National Lottery Commission. Other countries have similar systems, for example, in South Africa, the National Gambling Board regulates all gambling and lottery activity to ensure fairness of play.