Temple Run is a famous smart phone application that makes itself attractive to players as the game involves no limit to the time an individual play for aiming to just run. The game includes some obstacles to jump over or slide under and tight corners for navigating by making a swipe gesture across the screen. Learn the right way to make use of tricks like unlock characters, unlimited coins and more. The fundamental idea of this game is to run far and to jump in order to avoid barriers, turning or ducking. Read on to get more tips and tricks.

Temple Run Features

Objectives of the Game

Unlocking objectives can be done by carrying out particular actions when running or purchasing stuffs in the store. Every objective you will unlock will be added to the multiplier of the score allowing you to attain higher scores and earn more objectives. Unlocking objectives takes place at the run so even the purchase at the store will require you to complete a run. You will be informed about the obtained objectives after the runs together with a score multiplier upgrade.

Temple Run Features

Getting the Score

In the temple run game, your aim is to survive while you get coins and points. When you survive longer, you will get more points and the score can be utilized for unlocking objectives. The earned points and the multiplier will determine your score. Running farther and getting powerups and coins will allow you to earn points. You will obtain:

  • One point for every meter
  • Five Points for every coin
  • Twenty-five points for every powerup

Temple Run Features

You can get the coins in blue, red and yellow worth 3, 2, 1 respectively. You can see coins in line at the center or sides and every line often contains 25 coins when a turn or obstacle does not break these. When you run farther, you can notice the red and blue coins in the coin lines. As you get the red coins, they will substitute ten of the regular coins and when you obtain the blue ones, they will substitute another ten of your yellow coins.

temple run


Your character seems to be running away from you down the game’s path. Most of your screen is utilized for the path. You can find a bonus meter at the upper left corner filling up and providing you point bonus for each 100 coins you get.

temple run characters

In the screen’s upper right corner, you can find a couple of counters along with the resurrect display. The top counter of the screen is your score and the right one is the coins. After you achieve a resurrect utility, you will be able to see a display of a pair of wings located below the coin counter informing that you can utilize them. Once you use them, the wings will disappear but will be back again following a thousand meters. Moreover, the lower right corner displays the last item below the golden. This pause button can be utilized if you want to pause the game. After coming back from that pause, you can begin at the point you left off following a countdown of 3-2-1.

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