Video games are sources of unique entertainment enjoyed by individuals of all ages and culture. Many people feel passionate about the latest games and the characters that they get to play through various situations. However, as the world of gaming continues to evolve, the different adventures that players have been introduced to have recently begun to grow far more complex, with various advanced features offering even higher levels of excitement. Modern games aren’t simply sources of entertainment, they require a certain level of skill to play and win, with computer generated enemies popping up for players to fight and puzzles to solve. Various gaming companies, however, and other organizations have begun to provide game cheat codes to individuals so that those who were struggling would have an alternate route to progress in their adventure. From Destiny cheats, to walkthroughs that can help players to get to the next stage on their latest downloadable content, codes have existed for quite some time now, offering a way to make gaming more fun for the masses.

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The debate surrounding ‘Cheating’

The issue that many people suffer with when they are considering using cheat codes is that the word cheat is typically associated with bad connotations. However, what many people forget is that game cheats can also be a good thing. It may sound surprising to some elitists, but gamers actually use cheat codes more often for the purpose of taking their skills to the next level, rather than simply gaining an advantage over other people.

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Cheat codes are placed within games by developers for a reason, and one of those reasons in testing purposes. Testers need to have access to increased life and various aspects of the game to ensure that everything works perfectly. However, another reason is that the developers understand that sometimes people struggle with certain parts of a level and need extra help to move forwards. Rather than simply placing the disc for the game back in its box and never looking at it again, cheats allow an alternate route for players to venture down.

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Many gamers would attempt to beat the game by themselves first, without using any cheats before they turn to the internet for extra assistance. However, there can be a time in many games when the circumstances simply get too difficult. In these circumstances, an extra bit of knowledge, some more hit points or a free ammo refill could make the world of difference to a gamer, and their enjoyment of the game. There are other codes that are placed within a game to simply up the entertainment factor of that particular title. For example, some games allow for players to increase the size of their character’s head, or turn off gravity in various areas. This is purely for fun, and doesn’t make the player any better or worse at the game in general.

Author bio: Adam Lime has been playing video games for the majority of his life and has recently started helping game developers come up with new ideas to improve the virtual world.