MapleStory 2, the new classic series, is pupular in players. Recently, Nexon has just released two minigames in MapleStory 2 second CBT which will be available in January 2015.First one is a running game called Crazy Runners. Another game is called Dreams of Snow. Meanwhile, Nexon has revealed its expansion videos for MapleStory 2.

Crazy Runners, held at regular intervals, is a running game to reach the finish line. Players have to go though different terrains and obstacles to race against other players, which looks pretty interesting and challenging. Moreover, players need to open offices, swim, or take a tub.

MapleStory 2 Second

The Mini game Dreams of Snow is basically a treasure maze map that you have to go through to find the bunny girl NPC. You can collect gold and treasure at the maze. Players can enter, according to “flashy hat” on the map randomly appearing. Now it is in early development so Dreams of Snow is still relatively simple.

In addition to above content, the new beta testing will have increased number of zones, from 53 to 85 as well as new monsters, NPCs, dungeons, bosses and PVP area “shadow world” in the new maps. Moreover, Nexon Korea is also planning on unlocking new playable classes such as Berserker, Heavy Gunner and Thief.

Heavy Gunner and Thief

You must have an interest in MapleStory 2 for its new Classes and two minigames. When you play the game, you may need MapleStory 2 Mesos(That is, MS2 Mesos).


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