When you playing gta san andreas video games, you enter some cheats codes to activating some extra functions. GTA 5 cheats enable you to play your game very easier and simple. After entering the cheat codes, a message on your computer screen. Cheat codes may be mean case sensitive it can be a combination of words in the numerical keys or may alphanumeric keys. Sometimes cheat codes are upper case or lower case, or cursor keys. The gta san andreas cheats in the video games use by the game player to activate some extra features. These cheats codes developed by the gta san andreas developer and hide it from the player. Chats are not usually the part of this video game. In the below lines given some cheats and cheats codes that you can in your use it during the playing game.

code gta san andreas

Cheat codes and its effects

  • If you want to all the cars having the nitro then you have to enter SPEEDFREAK cheat codes.
  • If you like to play in the midnight mode or needed in the game, you have to enter NIGHTPROWLER cheats code to make this effect in your game.
  • If you needed to fly your boat enter FLYINGFISH cheats codes to do it.
  • Sometimes you think, your car float when hit someone, to do this effect you have to enter BUBBLECARS cheats code.
  • If you want to set your game in the chaos mode, enter STATEOFEMERGENCY cheat codes.
  • If you like to play the game speedily, enter the SPEEDITUP cheat codes.
  • If you want to your gang member present everywhere enters ONLYHOMIESALLOWED cheat code to activate it.
  • Sometimes you needed a jetpack in your game, for this you have to enter ROCKETMAN cheat codes.
  • For hitman by all the weapon states, you have to enter PROFESSIONALKILLER cheats codes.
  • Sometimes you may be needed an invisible car, enter WHEELSONLYPLEASE cheats codes.
  • During the playing game, if you want to maximize all vehicle feature stats, enter NATURALTALENT cheat codes.
  • For mega jump enter KANGAROO cheat codes.
  • If you want to perfect handling, you have to enter STICKLIKEGLUE cheats cod
  • SLOWITDOWN for six star wanted level.
  • If you want to reduce traffic, enter GHOSTTOWN cheat codes.
  • To slower gameplay, you have to enter SLOWITDOWN cheat codes.
  • If like to play in the sunny weather enter PLEASANTLYWARM cheat codes and for the very sunny weather enter TOODAMNHOT cheat codes.
  • To suicide enter GOODBYECRUELWORLD cheat codes.
  • To fly car enter, RIPAZHA cheat codes.
  • To get a faster clock enter, YSOHNUL cheat codes.
  • CFVFGMJ cheat codes enter for foggy weather and AUIFRVQS for rainy weather.
  • For Spawn racecar enter PDNEJOH cheat codes.
  • For the Beach party enter CIKGCGX cheat codes.
  • If you want to block the traffic enter PAINTITBLACK cheat codes.

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