The World of Warcraft is an online role playing fantasy game which has released its five expansions since the time it has launched. It has been regarded as highest grossing video game of all time because of its increasing popularity and usage.

The acronym for game WOW is a true reflector of its features. The game has excellent graphics which displays the landscape, monster fighting scenes and other interactions. The players can create a new character in opposition to enhance the fighting experience and make it more challenging. The professions available for the characters are tailoring, blacksmithing or mining. The four secondary skills that characters can learn are cooking, archaeology, fishing and first aid. The characters can form a group which is known as guild and the participants of the guild can chat, discuss, and form a bank for collection of points.

World of Warcraft

The game revolves around completion of quests wherein the players are given some targets or missions. On completion of various stages of these tasks the player is rewarded with some points which are also referred as game money. With these accumulated money the player can buy sharp weapons and other stunt techniques to reach the destination in a much effective manner. These tasks are like a chain which is followed by the next complicated task. During this journey of completion of tasks number of enemy creatures has to be killed and various resources are gathered to increase the strength of the player.

This way a battleground is created with weapons and armors and the players are rewarded for completion of each level. If any of the teammate of the player kills the enemies then also the player is honored with further points. A new conceptual game has raised many brows due to its progressing sale and popularity. Children of different age group are demanding this game certainly because of high dose of adventure and thrill injected into it.

World of Warcraft battleground

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