Call of Duty: MW3 is all about strategy, skill, and regular play. One crucial aspect of the game that separates the professionals from the amateurs is the weapons arsenal and how to use them effectively. Today, we’re going to look at the weapons in this game and explore the best ones to use in different situations. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, this guide will help you understand the diverse range of weapons in COD MW3. Plus, we’ll also touch on modded accounts for those interested in levelling up their game fast.

To start, let’s explore some of the best assault rifles in the game. ACR 6.8 is a popular choice among players for its accuracy and versatility. It’s best for medium-range combat and can hold its own in close-quarters as well. If you’re looking for damage, the SCAR-L Assault Rifle with its high damage and low recoil is a deadly combination. Plus, the option to attach a silencer makes it a great option for stealth missions.

As for sub machine guns, the MP7 is a player favourite with its high rate of fire and low recoil. It’s perfect for close-quarters combat and can take down enemies quickly. If you’re more inclined towards accuracy, consider the P90 submachine gun. Its iconic magazine and light weight make it easy to move around, and it has a high magazine capacity.

Shotguns are another handy weapon to have in your arsenal. One of the best shotguns in the game is the KSG 12. Its pump-action feature and high accuracy make it an instant kill weapon, making it perfect for close combat modes. If you’re looking for something with more range, try the Striker shotgun. The shotgun’s automatic mode is a beast in the game and is perfect for taking out multiple enemies at once.

No weapon arsenal is complete without some good sniper rifles. The MSR sniper rifle is a fan favourite with its high damage and one-shot capability. The rifles are best for long-range combat and work as an excellent support weapon for your team. If you’re looking for a sniper rifle with a twist, try the AS50. Its infrared scope allows you to see through walls and helps you track down enemies hiding behind cover.

As promised, let’s touch on cod mw3 modded accounts. These accounts offer an edge over other players as they provide enhanced capabilities that regular accounts don’t have. With a modded account, you can level up faster and unlock advanced weapons more quickly. Websites like offer a wide range of modded accounts to choose from and are a great option for taking your game to the next level and getting started with a solid range of unlocked features.

In Call of Duty: MW3, having the right weapons and using them at the right time is key to success. By exploring the best weapons in the game, this guide will help you navigate the challenging world of MW3 and give you an edge over other players. And for those looking to take their game to the next level, modded accounts are a great option to consider. Now, it’s time to suit up, grab your weapons, and get ready for battle.