Whether the video games or online games are good or not for the brain is something that many researchers and scientists have been wondering for years, but thanks to some recent studies and surveys, it has been conclusively proven that online games are good for your brain, but it definitely needs some regulation. The online or video games have been subject to criticism for years due to the kind of strain injuries it can inflict, or being addictive or for being one of the major reasons why many kids and young people are getting obese. However, there are numerous reports that have come out now that clearly suggest that online or video games can be really useful when played under supervision –

  • Online games are known to help with hand-eye coordination. As the response while playing the game has to be real quick, the pattern in which the players play decides how fast they can progress to the next level. As they understand the game and play it for a while, they develop a pattern to respond quickly, and this helps with enhancing the hand eye coordination.

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  • Due to the kind of brain stimulation online game triggers, it is natural for the gamers to have better reflexes and have much quicker response time. The ability to think quickly in tight situation also develops in a natural manner due to online games that need the players to think quickly, and choose from the options available at hand.
  • As the gamers need to think of several things at once, and take care of many aspects of gaming at the same time, it helps in making gamers better at multi-tasking.
  • The problem solving as well as logical ability of the players greatly increases when they play online games frequently.

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  • As each and every game has levels, players have the natural desire to reach higher level. This is something that gifts the players with the quality of perseverance.
  • The memory of the players also increases, because the players are to store a lot of information in their brains when playing online games to be able to respond quickly, and achieve success. It helps in developing focus as well as makes them a better strategists and planners.
  • The mapping and pattern recognition qualities is also positively influenced by playing online games, and it also helps the players to become risk takers in life, while not being afraid of challenges that life throws on them from time to time. It is a kind of personality pattern that a person develops as they play the game, and develop an attitude towards the game, which transforms into their natural attitude towards life as well.

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These are the few ways the online games can be really helpful in stimulating the brain and give it some exercise, which would make it more active and productive. There are many different games you can play online, and thanks to the ever expanding world of online games, you will surely be spoilt for choices. Naruto games online are also brain stimulating and its role playing or multiplayer version can also help with enhancing the eye hand coordination.

There are many positive effects of online games for kids as well, and since the development of educational games, which are many in number and many new games continue to be added to the world of online games, it helps the kids and teenagers to learn a lot of things from it in a very interactive manner. As the games are rich in graphics and are visually very appealing for kids, they tend to be more attracted to it than books, and this is what works to the advantage of the online games.