Crusade Online, a game with a historical background. Do you like science, especially history? Is it your great passion? Do you enjoy it so much that you can’t imagine a day without remembering a new date or learning a new historical fun fact?That’s good, because history is an important field of science.The problem appears when games fascinate you as much as science and you dream about combining these two passions into one.Now it’s possible – thanks to the new online game Crusade Online.

History and video games may go hand in hand.

Until now, historical background has rarely appeared in games, because it is a difficult topic that requires advanced knowledge and expertise to respond to the needs of every player.There are lots of them, some want to participate in a story to solve a mystery, others would like to learn as many historical facts as possible and have fun at the same time, and some finally just want to get to know the historical world from a completely different perspective.Even at first sight, science-based games are difficult to create but this is why they provide the players with a nearly perfect starting point for the development of their interests and passions.And for that purpose the Crusade Online game was created – to entertain, teach and, at the same time, to provide a perfect pastime for all games and science lovers.

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Experience the medieval world!

Medieval context, the crusade theme and the motif of historical battles in the game – this is what players have been craving for years.What do we get on the first level?Not much, because we must lead our character to achieve the set goal ourselves, by taking risky decisions and relying on our intuition.The multi-level Crusade Online game allows us to learn about the ins and outs of the medieval world, to discover interesting historical facts and dates that we would not have the opportunity to learn in the real world.The Middle Ages presented in Crusade Online are not just a simple story as in history textbooks, but an attractive adventure that we become a part of when we enter this fascinating world.By taking one of the sides,  the Arabs or the Crusaders, we learn the advantages of one group, but also the strengths of the other.Fighting enemies on the battlefield or negotiating truces in order to win the war, we identify with the personalities of our characters, at the same time breaking through the wall created by the other side.And, according to the creators of the game, there are plenty of levels to complete, cities to conquer and enemies to defeat, as you can find out on the website

Discover unknown areas of the medieval world

Learning history through playing, this is the main advantage that all creators of history-teaching games boast about.The most important factor is the ability to encourage players to enter the mystic maze of historical facts and dates. This is why a realistic approach to the subject is so important.Everybody who is at least a little interested in history will certainly appreciate the advantages of Crusade Online, where educational values are presented by means of excellent graphics and impressive special effects.When you visit the website you are just one step away from becoming part of more than an adventure – of history.You decide how the quest will end, you might win and conquer Jerusalem or you will have to suffer bitter defeat.There are two ways out and the decision which side to take – the winners or the losers – is yours.

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