With a lot of activities happening around Node.js, man IT companies are looking to Hire Node.js Developer, as it would enable them to create a task force that could handle both the client side and server side scripting. This also enables the companies to increase the productivity and time schedule required for creating a web application. Even though Java is regarded as the King of all Programming languages, it still has its downside when it comes to the complexity and development time involved. The reason Microsoft .Net was not being favored as if you chose it as your development language for your product/project, it means you need a build a team around .Net Professionals and alienate the Java Developers from that project.

What are the downsides of Java and .Net?

Traditionally, when there is a requirement to build high end applications for the Web, companies always looked upon frameworks that are easy to develop, scalable and secure like Java or Microsoft .Net. With a strong foundation, large support base, multi-threading and debugging capabilities, Java was the most preferred option. Microsoft .Net also has a huge following among developers and companies when coming to develop web applications.

Hire Node

But there was a downside in both Java and .Net, which was overlooked as there was no alternative, until the arrival of Node.js. I.e. with Java, the company has to put up with the long duration and speed of development and by choosing .Net, they are alienating the Java developers and only need to use the .Net resources for the development. These downsides have prompted many companies to look into other frameworks like Node.js and also pushed them to increase their resource strength and to Hire Node.js Developer.

Why Node.js is better than Java or .Net?

Since Node.js is a language that is easier to understand by anyone, whether he is a Java or a .Net developer, but can learn it, only if he is familiar with JavaScript, which has pushed a lot of companies to Hire Node.js Developer.

Node.js opens up a plethora of possibilities when it comes to selecting a framework for creating web applications. It offers speed and an event driven architecture along with a non-blocking I/O APIthat helps in optimizing an application to enhance its throughput and scalability. With its ability to handle multiple API requests at the same time, unlike traditional servers that can handle only limited requests, Node.js has been proven to be the best framework for enterprise deployment.


It has become imperative for technology companies that create high end and scalable web applications to Hire Node.js developer, as it appeals to a wide range of people in the technology arena as it has proven with its immense abilities that has prompted many large companies like PayPal, Netflix and LinkedIn to utilize Node.js for use in its web applications.

Node.js is now the chosen framework for many more companies by seeing the success of large companies using node.js to build the next generation applications.