Having a clean MacBook is its own reward – especially if you’re a gamer. Pretty much every gamer knows how lag and poor performance can ruin a games experience, and is often literally the difference between living and dying (in the game, at least). Keeping your MacBook clean will ensure that it is running optimally at all times, and will allow you to get the most out of your games.

The reason why it is important to keep your MacBook clean can be summed up in one word: Junk. Having junk on your MacBook is bad, and the more junk is allowed to accumulate the more your MacBook’s performance will start to be affected. The junk that accumulates may consist of cache files, logs, unused localizations, duplicate files, trash bins, or any other old and unused files – and all of these things are probably sitting on your hard drive now occupying space for no reason and slowing down your MacBook in the process.

Getting rid of junk manually isn’t an option because it would be difficult (actually, impossible) to track down all that junk and delete each file individually. Instead, using software such as the Movavi Mac Cleaner is your best option as it will automate the process and make it painless.

Learning how to speed up Mac with the Movavi Mac Cleaner is a piece of cake: Just launch the software and it will initiate a scan automatically to find all the junk files on your hard drive. When that scan is done it will give you the option to delete all those files with just a single click – or you could choose to only delete certain types of junk files if you like.

On top of all that you could also use the ‘uninstaller’ to detect incomplete uninstallations and cleanly uninstall any apps on your MacBook too,  freeing up even more space in the process and ensuring that your games really do run as they were meant to. Keep your MacBook clean in this way, and you will be able to get the best performance possible when playing games in the future.