The creators of “Grand Theft Auto V” are betting on the emotions going around these days as they launch a new GTA V extension pack called “Be My Valentine”. After last 2014’s “Valentine’s Day Massacre Special”, the GTA special tradition continues with a new exciting episode. On February 10th, The Rockstar Games invited all the players using PC’s, Xbox One gaming consoles, and even PlayStation 4 to attend the thrilling event presented as “Grand Theft Auto V: Be My Valentine”.

According to the official website, the latest expansion brings players a new and captivating set of accessories and clothes for their avatars as well as a glorious, special surprise: “Albany Roosevelt Valor”- an updated model for the famous vehicle. This new and upgraded version of the car can be bought from Legendary Motorsport, while the classic version can be customized using Los Santos Customs. Various unique items, such as suits, vests, boxer shorts are also available. And because the game designers have thought of everything, the female fans of the game will also be able to dress their sexy avatars for Valentine’s with special edition, eye-catching bustiers, dresses, and stockings. As a special touch, the beloved previous years’ Valentine event special items will be restocked. Because romance is the word of the month, this event does not forget the couples. The expansion pack includes an adversary mode named “Till death Do Us Part”, as well as a bike race called “Heart Breaker”. Rockstar Games made sure to add a bunch of new thrilling activities, exciting missions, cute animals, hard-core weapons, and cool vehicles to the game. All races are customized for the special day. All these new features make ” Be My Valentine” one of the most expected and game mediatized events of the weekend.

The Amazing GTA 5 Soundtrack

Further great news comes regarding the official soundtrack. For the second year in a row, the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto V is the top-selling video game album, easily outselling the second place (Destiny soundtrack), which is also enjoying its second year in the charts. The in-game music was enhanced with over 100 new lovely tracks and a new radio jabber for Non Stop Pop FM, hosted by Cara Delevingne.

New GTA Updates to be Unavailable to PlayStation3 and Xbox360

Now comes the bad news for the fans that do not have the latest generation consoles. The creators decided that the new expansion pack will not be available for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. The users without newer devices will sadly not have access to upcoming updates because of the memory capacity of the older consoles. And that is also because the creators decided to focus on the quality of the new game and sacrificed the updates for the older consoles in order to do so.

GTA 5 Cheats to be or not to be?

Over the years, a vast and sometimes brilliant amount of cheats have always accompanied all GTA games. Even having their own Wikipedia page, the world of GTA 5 cheats can help users of every console enjoy aspects of the game that they would have difficulty accessing otherwise. Even though cheats can have surprising, un-wanted side-effects like game hindering, they have remained hugely popular with every game version and extension.

More details on the Valentine’s special are expected today, February 12th, when the official rolls out is scheduled. Meanwhile, if you are anxious to find out more, access the latest game leaks or simply want to find a complete list of ps4 cheats for Grand Theft Auto. Here is some more helpful info for you on.  Enjoy!

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