League of Legends is famously known as ‘LOL’ and is a popular RTS which has some a few RPG elements injected into the game. This game is developed and published by Riot Games ad was launched in 2009. Just like DOTA, LOL is not just fast paced but is also a very competitive game. In the game, players assume the role of a Summoner, who is a spell caster that summons Champion avatars to combat opponents. To be able to get a higher rank, players can choose to purchase LOL boosting from reputed sellers online at a cheap rate.


When players start the game, they get overwhelmed due to its sheer vastness but not everyone is able to reach the projected stage they hoped for at the end of the season. Players end up in Silver while they were hoping to be in God so that they are able to get all the rewards. In such a case, players could opt for League of Legends boosting which makes it possible for them to end up with higher rankings.

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In order to understand what LOL Boosting is, here’s a lowdown:

This boosting consists of action wherein a player (booster), logs into the account of the other player (the boostee) with the intent of improving the account’s MMR.

Sellers offer a number of boosting options such as ranked boosting, league boosting, duo que boosting etc. The process of boosting is rather simple. You as a player will initiate a payment to improve MMR in ranked games. Once the website that hosts sellers receives the information regarding the order, their system will select a specialized booster that matches your requirement and he will receive your order. Upon confirmation, he will start the process of boosting your MMR in the fastest possible manner. In many cases you may also watch your booster work on your account. In case you wish to play the game while it is being boosted, you can pause the boosting, which will inform the booster to hold their boosting while you play the game. The booster will therefore not log into your account while you are playing and will not begin until you alert them to continue. Therefore you get to play with your account even while it is being boosted.


Therefore, to boost your character, all you got to do is to find a reputable gaming site online which has sellers selling boosters so that you can request them to boost your account at a cheap rate. There are many such gaming sites online, however not all the websites are genuine. G2G.com is one of the website that offers genuine LOL boosting at cheap rate. They are highly regarded in the gaming community and thus they are the usual choice for most gamers when it comes to boosting LOL accounts.