It is easy to master at chipping, pitching and short shots without having a driving range. But, finding a space to ace this long shot makes things a bit chaotic. This can be solved by investing in the Most Customizable Golf Practice Net. This will help you to practice your long shots with the irons and woods with no damage. Having golf net is best way to improve your golf game, but you need to learn on how to use it to make the most of your golf practice session. This is you will need to make your training productive:

  1. A golf hitting net
  2. Your golf clubs
  3. Golf balls
  4. A golf mat
  5. Impact tape

Instructions to follow

  • First things first, always set your golf practice net in a safe place. Mishits are inevitable and you need to select the least risky spot in your house.
  • Now use the impact tape in order to mark a strip on the club’s head. When using a hitting mat, always place it as close to the net as possible and keep your golf ball on the mat. Ensure to not place the mat too near to the net so as to avoid hitting the net in between your swings follow through.
  • Keep your hit ready like you would on the driving course. Never rush to shot and always take your time to pose yourself accurately and make a few practice swings without hitting the golf ball.
  • Swing at least 10 practice shots into the net and notice how the ball comes off. Listen to the shot and the trajectories as well. See if they spray left or right, or too low or high.
  • Now analyze the impact tape on your club. If you find any consistent spots, you are on the right path. If the spots are off the center, you need to adjust. If marks are all over the tape, then you need to work on it all over again.

  • And lastly, practice all the steps you need to work on from the last step. Golf net helps in improving the gaming experience entirely. But you need to practice on the golf course too sometimes, so as to see where you stand when it comes to playing golf in the real time.