“Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (CS GO) is game No 4 in the famous Counter-Strike series. As a multiplayer 1st-person shooter, it reached ultra-popularity in the world. CSGO gamers are able to buy some virtual articles (the so called “skins”). They are predominantly cosmetic items that do not have an influence on the gaming process. But players may gain real profit while buying and selling them on steam market. Some highly unique skins have a value of hundreds or thousands of dollars, and high price does not stop gamers from purchasing them. What makes sense for CS GO betting is that skins actually have a certain real price and can act as a virtual currency.

Skin betting first took place in CS GO game community, although it is considered to be a popular thing in many communities of gamers by now. Valve Corporation together with Hidden Path Entertainment developed this video game and made it so prominent and widespread, while independent skin betting industry kept on growing too. According to statistics, tens of thousands of players from different countries bet on CS GO on third-party gambling sites every month. More than 5 billion USD make up the financial turnover in betting market of CS GO skins.

Various gambling options are available for gamers. CS GO bets for real money require more skills and experience, while casino-type games are more likely games of chance.

If you would like to take a chance and test your luck, main CS GO betting advice is to avoid scams and choose a trustworthy CSGO betting service. You may find the latest news from Counter Strike betting community on csgoeasybets.com and take a decision about placing a bet.

Types of online CSGO gambling

  • Roulette is a classic game with the highest chance of a gain. The rules are very easy to understand: player picks the number or combination of numbers, places bet against the odds and waits for lucky outcome.
  • Jackpot is about putting the skins of users in a single pot. This is funny and exciting, because only one gamer wins jackpot. Winning depends on the total value of skins (the higher, the better for chance of win).
  • Coinflip is a simple game that gives an opportunity to put bet on CS GO matches with a random 50/50 chance of win or loss. The winner takes it all!
  • Crash is about putting bet on Counter Strike GO and increasing it with a multiplier. You may cash out any time you like and get a multiplied bet, or you may lose if you do not cash out before multiplier crashes.