There’s more to Las Vegas than those casinos and nightclubs. Of course, you can enjoy slot games, table games and more while enjoying your booze, but there are other entertainment avenues that are worth paying for. If you are a fan of The Hunger Games franchise, you should definitely consider visiting The Hunger Games: The Exhibition. This is your chance of stepping into the world of Panem and Katniss Everdeen. This is an incredible experience, where you will be enjoying set recreations and even props from the movies. Las Vegas Hunger Games has emerged as one of the popular places for adults and adventure enthusiasts, and for the fans, the experience is beyond what any casino or club may offer.

Reviewing the experience

The Hunger Games Exhibition is designed to offer a deep insight into the franchise that made Jennifer Lawrence a global name. There are several galleries here, and you can actually see the recreations of the Hall of Justice, District 13, and Capitol TV. There are also choreography demonstrations, and visitors can have a close look at the stunts. One of the interesting things is the interactive map of Panem, and you can choose to take part in Archery training. There is also a trivia game that relies on visual motion sensors. The costume gallery is a great way to reimagine the world of Hunger games, and you also have a touchscreen exhibition display, which is the largest in the world.

Buy your merchandise

The Hunger Games Exhibition also have exclusive merchandise from the films that guests can buy. From gifts and clothing items, to collectibles and more, there are many things you can buy here. Make sure to check for smaller souvenirs that are worth buying for friends and family members.

Book your tickets

The tickets for the exhibition can be ordered online, and children below the age of 11 are charged less than adults. The Hunger Games Exhibition is open between 10 am and 7 pm all seven days of the week, and guests are expected to come to the exhibition before 6 pm. Make sure that you have booked your tickets in advance, because the popularity of the exhibition leads to considerable rush, even on weekdays. You also need a valid ID proof to get entry after purchasing the ticket.

Check online now for ticket vouchers and more details on The Hunger Games Exhibition in Vegas.