As a gamer, you like exploring around and creating your own world, where you can express and show what you would really want to happen or experience, while playing a particular game. However, to do this, you need to use tools because you will act like a developer, who needs to work on some configurations and scripts to encode in the system. Doing this will actually lead you to cheat using tools like Gmod, but I guess, you have no choice when you are determined to modify a system.

Well, for a gamer, there is nothing wrong with cheating, especially when you are aware that other players are also doing the same things just to meet their expectations and contentment. I know that not all players enjoy modifying because you really need to exert effort here and it is a must for you to learn how to do it. But gamers will always look for ways on how they can control their own world, so that made them decide that they should learn to cheat because this is the only way to be satisfied, even if it is not really that fulfilling for others.

These individuals believe that by using Garry’s Mod hack tools, they can succeed in coming up with a better gaming experience, that’s why they do not mind learning about how to use these mods. I guess, the users are just natural born explorers and designers as well because they are capable of making their own stories, since every game usually have its own storyline and game play. Now, if you are also interested in creating something different and extraordinary just like how developers do, then you better start learning how to cheat, too.

What about Gmod?

With this mod, a user will be able to spawn characters or props that can be used for interaction. Which only means that this function to help in modifying the content of the game. Therefore, you must be equipped with programming skills, since you are customizing your system and the environment, where you are actually playing will change as you start saving the changes made.

By the way, it was Garry Newman, who created Garry’s Mod for sandbox and Facepunch Studios developed it, and then Valve published it, so this was released in 2004. Actually, this was designed for interested players to manipulate. That is the main objective of this program, which only shows that it is intentionally created for you to explore – go to’s_Mod for more information.


Since this has no storyline by default, then you will be able to make your own, which means that the creator would like you to experience a virtual world that you had been dreaming of. Allowing you to do such things will bring out the creativity in you, so you just need to learn how to use the tools. I supposed, this is also an opportunity for you to express your thoughts.

Using these modifications will also allow you to choose whether to play on your own or with others, so this will depend on your preferences as a player. I guess, if you are in a multi-player setting, then this is a good way to find resources from others.

Game Requirements

This will be compatible with any operating system. You must have a 1.7 GHZ processor, 1GB disk space, 512 MB RAM and a good graphics card.

Do not forget to install DirectX 9 and make sure to have a good internet connection, especially when you wish to play with others online. You should also make sure to install the source game into your computer – check this out to get a list.

Console Commands

When cheating, you should learn how to use the console commands. Just keep in mind that this is only possible with a single player setting. To do this, you should always press the ~ key for you to enter the codes.

Some of these codes are: noclip to enable characters to fly, givecurrentammo to load a weapon a maximum ammo, kill for other players to die, god for your character not to die and npc_create  npc_citizen for spawning a citizen. And then, do not forget to key in sv_cheats 1 for this command to work.