Today’s generation when it comes to gaming environment and experience has greatly changed because more teens are hooked to digital entertainment, rather than outdoor activities or sports. I guess, this is what the advanced technology has brought into the 21st century and we cannot do anything to stop kids from playing computer games, since parents were the ones, who bought the gadgets that their children are asking for. In my opinion, what parents and guardians can do right now, is to make sure that education and lifestyle won’t be too affected.

We all know that many of these kids are enjoying 3D games that involves killings and violence, where they are allowed to use dangerous weapons like guns or knives. In fact, they are even interested to learn more about their favorite PC games like the Halo Combat Evolved hack and cheats to enhance their gaming experience. The players, no matter what their age is, will do everything it takes and at all cost, to enhance their characters and boost their levels because they wanted to do feel proud and brag what they have earned.

I guess, that’s how every player would like to do because they are all competing with each other, since there will only be one person, who should be in the first rank, where everybody are dying for to have. That’s why, when it comes to tips, hacks and cheats, they will surely want to get a link to the latest updates, so that they can test, if this really works. Well, for an honest person, who is not a gamer, you will feel disappointed, but in the gaming world, this is just a normal thing to do.

Halo: Combat Evolved Overview

This is a 3d platform, which involves the players to shoot others and designed with a first person view or FPS, though can be switched to a third-person view when using a tank or aircraft. You are capable of controlling and driving armored vehicles here, that’s why it is more interesting to males. They use motion trackers, which allows the players to locate allies and enemies within the given radius. By the way, check out, if you want to download the game.

You will have an energy shield, which may decrease because this will be taking the damages incurred by others from firing you, which means that you are just like a mortal here, where you will end your life after emptying the energy shield. By the way the weapons used here are all fictitious, but they are also made for different purposes. Anyway, you can only carry two weapons, so it is up to you to create a strategy and manage surviving, though make sure to check on your reloading because this will be a factor.

Custom Edition Cheats

Pretty sure that there are players, who would also like to install custom editions of the Combat Evolved for PC. Well, there are a few things that will surely excite you, though, this is not applicable online or in a multiplayer setting.

You will notice that after installing this on your computer, there will be a shortcut icon in the properties window, so open this and add the console devmode, and then start using this command line parameter. After that press the ~ key to enter a code that you wish to apply and then type cheat_(code).

To instantly kill enemies, simply enter medusa. Now, if you would like to have unlimited ammo, key in bottomless_clip, while infinite_ammo for unlimited ammunition. Other codes used for spawning are spawn_warthog, all powerups, all_vehicles and all weapons, look at this for more codes.

Easter Eggs

Those who would like to use this will have to restart the level. Let’s say that when you are already on the last or the Maw level, that’s when the Echo 419 will have to shut down, so go away and find the tunnel on the right side. You have to stay away from the warthog and then, on your right side, look for the tunnel and go through it.

After entering the tunnel, find the corridor on your right side and go on. You will have to find the grunt here, so do not shoot because he will not do any action, instead, talk to him and wait what he has to say to you.