A parlay is a single sports bet that includes a minimum of two teams winning. These bets are quite attractive because of a bigger payout than picking a single team to win. In football, parlays are wagers that combine several sections of a football game into one bet. Also, this is where odds come in handy.

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Kinds of Parlays

As with other kinds of football wagers, foot parlays are available in various attractive forms. These include the following:

  • Round robin wager. With this wager, bettors stake multiple parlay bets at one go. To be in the Round Robin, you must pick anywhere from 3-8teams. Then, choose how many teams or totals you wish to combine for the Round Robin. The team combination will determine the number of parlays you will have.

  • Teaser. A teaser is where you can choose several teams or totals. But, there are no money lines allowed with this type of parlay. Unlike standard football parlays, you can move every point spread or total with two extra points or with a few points deduction. This makes this wager easier to win, although they don’t pay as much as a traditional parlay does. Making the right predications is important to have lots of rooms for gains in this kind of wager.

How to Ply a Football Parlay Bet

Placing football parlay bets can be done by directly instructing the teams’ ticket writer and totals you want to wager on. This includes the amount you want to wager on.  Also, you can fill out a parlay card on a designated kiosk or online. When you or the ticket writer has filled out the car, you should visit the sportsbook desk to place the bet.  But, if you bet online, the process is as simple as clicking a button.

Moreover, it is important to know the right time to bet. Always keep in mind that parlays are not wagers that must be placed consistently. Rather, they must be used sparingly and only under the right circumstances. No matter how big the payout is, do not chase it just for the sake of it. Otherwise, this will cost you money in the long run. The smartest way to bet on football is to play the long game. You must only place wagers that set you up for the highest chances of winning.  The rule of thumb is placing a parlay only when it offers better value than backing every selection.