Whether you’re new to Apple or have used an iPhone for years, there’s most likely a few iPhone hacks and tricks you’re not aware of. You know about all the popular and most-used iPhone settings and capabilities, but your iPhone is capable of so much more.

When you spend a couple of hundred dollars on a new phone, you should ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Not all iPhone tricks and hacks are available on every iPhone device, but if you have one of the latest models, then you should have access to them all.

If you have an older model, then it’s still worth a try to see what your iPhone can do! Are you ready to get the most out of your phone? Continue reading below for a few iPhone 11 hacks and some tricks for older versions as well.

  1. You Don’t Have to Lose Information

Have you ever lost data on your phone due to various reasons? Losing information stored on your cell phone can be detrimental to anyone. In today’s world, we use our phones for just about everything.

Take a few moments to think about all of the essential information your phone holds for you. Now, think about the different ways you’ve backed up this data. Backing everything up to the cloud is a great start, but you can also back up iphone to mac in macOS Catalina.

Backing it up to your Mac involved only a few basic steps and is easier now than ever before!

  1. Nothing Stays Unleveled 

Do you love getting your hands a bit messy in DIY projects? Do you find yourself hanging up art, photos, and other home decors on a regular basis? How do you ensure you hang them leveled?

Eyeing it is an okay way to make sure it’s leveled, but nothing stays unleveled now with the help of your iPhone! The built-in iOS measuring app on your phone can help you level things around the house. Simply tap on, “Level” located to the right after opening the app.

  1. Private Photos Stay Private

It’s not uncommon to have a few sensitive photos on your phone. These photos can be of screenshots you’ve taken of private conversations, photos of your children, or something else.

If you have photos on your phone that you don’t want other people to accidentally swipe too far and see, then you’ll be pleased to know your iPhone will keep them hidden for you.

Private photos now stay private when you select them in your album, hit the “share” button, and then hit the “hide” button. You can still access these photos at any time, but they’ll be located in your “hidden” album and removed from your regular photo gallery.

  1. You Never Have to Lose Your Phone Again

The last thing anyone wants to go through is losing a phone. There’s too much information on it and too many sacred memories such as photos, text messages, and more. What if you never had to lose your phone again?

It’s now possible when you follow a few simple steps. First, update your medical ID information on your phone. If someone finds your phone, they can access this information without having to unlock it.

Here, you can enter an emergency contact and their information, which the person who finds your phone can then use to call them. Next, activate the “find my iPhone” capabilities by going into “settings” and tapping on your name.

Then, click on “find my.” This feature will allow you to find your phone by tracking it from your computer when lost.

  1. A Simple Flash Alerts You of Notifications 

You can’t have your notifications on the sound mode all the time. There are even times when you can’t have it on vibrate either. When you need a way to be notified of notification without your phone making any type of noise, you can choose to have your phone flash instead.

The camera flash feature will blink several times, letting you know that a notification was received. Head into your “settings” and click on “accessibility.” Enter in “visual/audio.”

You can now switch the toggle on for “LED flash alerts.” There’s also an option to have the flash turned off as well when the phone is in silent mode.

  1. You Won’t Need a Tape Measurer Ever Again 

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you needed a tape measurer but didn’t have one? We don’t think to keep a tape measurer on us at all times, but we often need one. You won’t need to search for yours ever again, however.

As long as you have your iPhone on you, you can measure anything with this hack! This might be one of the best iPhone camera hacks if you need to measure things often. Use the Apple app called, “measure.”

You’ll then use your iPhone’s camera to measure IRL distances shown on the camera screen.

  1. Your Home Button Didn’t Really Vanish

The iPhone 8 was the last model to offer the home button. Losing the home button might not have bothered some iPhone users, but it could have been an unwanted change for others. Luckily, your home button didn’t really vanish.

If you want your home button back, you can have it. To get it back, go into your “settings” and then click on “accessibility.” You’ll then want to turn on “AssistiveTouch.”

This will provide you with a small circle button on your screen which you can then click on to open a shortcut menu of several different options. If desired, you can even assign a few different functions for that button as well. Some options you have are taking a screenshot or rotating the screen on your phone.

Which of These iPhone Hacks Was New to You?

There’s an endless amount of iPhone hacks and tricks to try on your phone. Knowing and remembering them all might take quite a bit of time. Which of these iPhone tricks was new to you?

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