Wondering how to accelerate the level of your character to the maximum? If you want to keep up with your friends in the game after Shadowlands is released, the fastest and the best option to use is turning to the pro service by epiccarry.com. While your character’s status will be revised and decreased depending on the current value, the experienced gamers can quickly bring you to the top level regardless of the existing one.

The Latest Adjustments to Leveling

It concerns:

  • Reduced time expenditures. The upgrading procedure will take half the time it lasted before.
  • Spic-and-span starting map. The developers have added a new starting zone called Exile’s Reach. This spot is arranged for all races and specifications to be used for initiating gamers into the basics.
  • Levels compressed. Every user who has upgraded a character up to the rank 120 will get 50 after the release. What’s more, the new maximum level is 60.

Use the Most Useful Expansion to Ensure Fast Advancing

If you want to promote your character ASAP, you will need to jump through some hoops, yet you are free to level in any expansion. One of the most time-efficient zone is Warlords of Draenor (WoD).

All the areas have unique bonus objectives here. This covers one-off tasks done in the form of fun quests. Fulfilling such tasks will provide you with a tremendous amount of experience.

The Most Essential Characteristics Affecting Boosting

To advance a character at an incredible pace, you need to know the most important drivers that affect this process, namely:

  • High-mobility;
  • Maximum AoE damage;
  • Self-healing abilities of the character.

Does It Make Sense to Go Through Dungeons While Completing Quests?

Remember that you can get a large amount of experience just for completing quests in various zones. More importantly, once you reach level 15, you can activate the Looking for Group tool. It will allow you to diversify the gameplay greatly.

Using Epiccarry’s services, you will get the support of experienced veterans, which will make the game more exciting than ever before.