Game Modes

One of the biggest ways to level up is obviously playing the correct game mode. Now my personal favorite game mode for leveling up is game modes such as kill confirmed, domination, hardpoint is very good and kind of those objective based game modes where you can still get a lot of kills.

In domination you can rack up a bunch of kills because those games typically last quite a while and if you collect all of the flags and if you get kills on the flags, protecting the flags, attacking the flags, you get extra XP for getting those attacking and defending kills.

In kill confirmed for example you can get your normal XP for just killing people and every single time you do get a kill you pretty much get free XP after that because you can collect the tag and it’s basically free XP from the tag.

In hardpoint obviously you can get normal kills and you can secure the hardpoint and play on. The hardpoint playing objective is one of the best ways to level up.

Damaging Enemies

Another little thing that you should think about in this game is the fact that you don’t get assists anymore in this game. In this game it goes by ekia which is enemy killed in action and if you shoot the enemy literally once and then your teammate shoots that enemy you will get credited for the full kill and it will actually count as a full kill towards your stats and you’ll get the XP of a full kill as well.

So what I advise you guys to do is literally shoot anyone you possibly can even if these guys are across the other side of the map and you don’t think you can get the kill. If you put one or two bullets into them and then your teammate kills them you’re going to get the XP for killing them.

Call of Duty Cold War Boosting

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Score Streaks

As far as score streaks go it is simple this has been the same in every single call of duty. But the score streaks you’re going to want to use are the score streaks that give you support so UAV, counter UAV all those kind of streaks.

Whenever you get a kill or whenever the enemies get a kill you’re going to get assist points from that UAV being in the sky or if you have a counter UAV you’re going to get assist points for that counter AV for being in the sky.

It’s basically free XP so why would you not do that. My favorite combinations of streaks are UAV; counter AV and a chopper gunner UAV. Counter AV obviously racks up a lot of assist points throughout the game. You can get about five of these every game and these are going to crank your XP up to a whole new level.


Use a variety of weapons whatever you guys do. Don’t stick with one weapon and the reason for this is because each weapon has a bunch of different attachments to unlock and let’s say for example you are only using the mp5 if you only use the mp5 you’re going to get that mp5 to max level and then you’re going to be getting kills of that level.

If you are not leveling up other weapon which means you’re not unlocking attachments and therefore you’re not getting a bunch of free XP.