There’s just something about a rainy day that makes you want to cuddle under a blanket. The dripping raindrops against the window can leave you feeling all cozy, knowing that you’re safe and warm inside while the outside world is cold and wet. And what better time to play your favorite game than when you’re feeling cozy and sheltered from the rain? 

Whether you find yourself inside on a rainy day by yourself, or you’re gathered with people you love in an assisted living facility, the great news is that there’s a game for every scenario. Here are some of the best games to enjoy on a rainy day.


For you brainiacs out there, Scrabble is undoubtedly one of your favorites. Test your knowledge of how many words you know by completing the squares with tiles that add up to a certain number of points. It can be played with as few as two people, up to as many as four. 

The best part is that Scrabble is educational. Grab a dictionary and see what kinds of words you can come up with using your letter combinations. You might just be surprised to find that you come out of a Scrabble game with a much more extensive vocabulary.


I mean, who doesn’t love Monopoly? The best part about Monopoly is that it’s incredibly time-consuming, and when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, one thing you have plenty of is time. 

Monopoly has all sorts of different variations nowadays, from the Game of Thrones edition to Star Wars. If you’re playing with kids, you could even play the junior version of Monopoly, which can be much more age-friendly for little ones not quite ready for the challenge of real Monopoly.


For anyone who’s sitting around alone on a rainy day, the good news is that you don’t require any other players for this one. Solitaire can be enjoyed either with a traditional deck of cards or on your computer or smartphone. 

The objective is to arrange multiple piles of cards in the right sequence, changing cards from one stack to another until finally, all your piles are in the right order. Some people find solitaire downright cathartic, as you can listen to music or even watch a show while sorting through your piles.

Video Games

You didn’t actually think we were going to leave out video games, did you? For some people, nothing sounds more outdated than pulling out a board game. Video games can be a wonderful way to enjoy a bit of strategy and entertainment, without having to bother with physical cards or pieces. 

Perhaps the best part of video games is that you can play with other people, even if there’s no one with you. It’s as simple as connecting to the internet and playing with other players anywhere in the world.