Long gone are the days when Bingo could only be played on a certain day of the week at a certain time. Today, you can easily engage in some fresh or classic bingo games whenever you want to, no matter where you are. You don’t even need to understand the language so a bingo club can be a great way to find new friends when moving to a new country. Bingo is also an excellent game to play with children. It can be done really early on in their lives (maybe even as young as 2 or 3) and is an enjoyable game for the whole family. Since we are very fund of Bingo games we thought we would share some ideas with you.

Here are some great Bingo Ideas you may want to try;

Create A DYI Bingo Game When Traveling 

If you are searching for a fun way to make time go faster while waiting for your check-in at the airport or while travelling by car for hours in a row in the passenger seat why not create your own personalized bingo game? Play a bingo car game while traveling cross-country and mark off all the famous sights you pass, or certain predefined objectives like flags, bridges, museums, pets, bicycles, or, why not, kangaroos and koalas! Kids love this game! Make it as fun as you can – after all, it’s your game and your rules and you can make it as peculiar and comical as you want to. Remember to print off a few travel bingo cards you should have no problem finding online. Use an online bingo card generator or draw, design, and print out your own cards with your face and name on them consider using board game cards.

You could use the classic bingo rules you are used to following when playing online or offline and solely mark off numbers on the cards, or replace the numbers with images of your dogs, cats, kids, favorite desserts or dishes, or iconic Australian landmarks. Your imagination will be your only limit and the end result should keep you well entertained on a long drive or flight with the family or friends. The game can also be played at the hotel, on slow nights when there is not much to do in the neighborhood. You could also invest in an affordable bingo set that can be easily packed and grabbed along on your future journeys.

Watch a Bingo Movie

When researching for this article, we also stumbled upon an article on “The Game of Bingo in Movies”. The article listed a few movies where bingo was featured. We just had to watch them! Watch “Hotel Transylvania” next time you’re in the mood for a movie. It is appropriate for people of all ages but if you’re looking for something more thrilling, then try “The Babadook”. Just make sure to be good by not having any children around because this is actually a psychological thriller – with a twist of bingo.

Check Google For Local Bingo Venues In The Area

No matter where you might need to go during your trip, chances are there is a nearby bingo hall waiting for you with doors wide open. Bingo is such a relaxing and engaging game that can calm your spirit and distract yourself from stressful thoughts, so there is no wonder bingo halls are so popular and widely spread worldwide.

The United States, Australia, the UK, Italy, and Romania are some of the greatest bingo-loving countries on the planet, with Romania being the runner-up right after the United Kingdom when measuring the popularity of the game with origins in the sixteenth century.

Make sure you can use a safe WiFi network or use your mobile data; go online and access Google Maps to do a quick search for a nearby bingo hall in your area, whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, or somewhere else, and enjoy the authentic local bingo experience while mingling with the locals.

While you may come across some slight differences in the rules of various bingo versions in different venues and locations, the basic rules should stay the same. Keep in mind the game was initially used in the form of a fun tool for educational purposes in Germany, which means you could grab the kids along as long as you will find a kids-friendly hall to join. Russians have dedicated a TV gaming platform to the game, and it might be a good idea to also look for this alternative while traveling or, why not, buy the TV Bingo set by Tune-In TV Bingo. You will get to focus on the small things in the background of your favourite TV program while calling the items out until you will get to yell “bingo!”. Whether you are 10, 30, or 60, the old-school game is still an excellent choice.

You could also go online and play one of the hundreds of cool bingo games offered by top casinos straight on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and never let the fun die out when on the go. Do your research and give any of these ideas a try next time you need to travel. Bingo has become increasingly popular among young adults, so you might discover just how engaging it is as a new hobby or pastime activity at home as well.