It gets super annoying when you are in the middle of a gaming session and internet connection starts to slow down, eventually ruining your entire gaming experience. We understand how painful the situation can be for die hard gamers and how a fast internet is a prerequisite when it comes to gaming. In that case, we have a few tips and suggestions for you to fasten you internet connection and have an uninterrupted gaming session.

So, read along and try the tips and suggestions mentioned below to speed up your internet connection.

Give Your Router a Break

Out of laziness, we keep using our devices and never really care about the device’s health. When you don’t restart your router often, the signal strength gets weaker with time, creating issues with your gaming sessions. It often happens that we never really turn our router off because one person or the other is using internet in the house. It is important to reset your router every once a while at least once a month. This way you give your device a break and your internet connection gets refreshed. While it may seem stupid, turning your modem or router on and off works if your internet speed is not good. While it might not turn your internet speed into a super fast internet, it will surely make it work more efficiently. Especially for gamers, it sucks when you have to go through the hassle of a slow internet which ruins the whole session, so try giving your router or modem a break every once in a while.

Upgrade Your Package or Change Your Provider

Often times, the internet service that you use is not suitable for heavy uses such as gaming. It is best to either change your internet service provider or get an upgraded package that comes with a good speed. The best internet service provider that we know of, is Xfinity internet. Xfinity internet speed is perfect for gaming and is super affordable. Xfinity provides its services in over 36 states and is famous for its high speed internet. It also comes with an xFi Gateway device as a router that distributes signals equally throughout the house which results in a stable internet connection and uninterrupted gaming sessions even if there are multiple people using the internet. If you have multiple devices at home that require a stable and strong internet connection, such as multiple smart devices and gaming devices, try getting xFi Gateway. It sends strong signals at each corner of the house, and makes sure your internet speed is not interrupted. The internet download and upload speeds are quite high, and you will love it if you are a hardcore gaming fan. So, say good bye to your old slow speed router or modem, and get Xfinity internet along with xFi Gateway now.

Move Your Router

If your router is not near your device or is in some remote corner of the house, it is time to move it, because if the router is far away from you, and you’re not getting proper signals. This will affect your internet connection, and eventually, due to a bad internet connection your gaming sessions will get disturbed too. If you don’t want interrupted and disturbed gaming sessions that take ages to load, try to position your router in the middle of the house, where it can reach all devices, or bring it nearer to your devices. The stronger signal strength you get, the better it is for your gaming. So, even if you have a basic router, move it and bring it closer to your device.

Upgrade to a Smart Router

It is also the case these days that a home with multiple users cannot work with a single traditional router anymore because the use of internet has increased these days and everybody demands a fast internet connection, even if those are your smart devices. Well, in order to make your gaming sessions, as well as smart devices run efficiently, get a smart router/modem. Similar to the xFi Gateway, smart routers or modems are fast, and they send equal signals, throughout the house to all your devices. The designs are sleek, cool, and aesthetic and the modem provides you maximum speed. It is best to ditch your basic router and get a new one if you are a regular gamer because smart routers will make your gaming experience much more smooth.

Use an Ethernet Cable

For gaming, most of the gamers have ditched Wi-Fi completely and have started using an Ethernet cable. While wireless connections are not always fast, consider cabled connections such as Ethernet. Ethernet is always fast, and more reliable than the usual wireless connections as it gets the signals directly to your device through a cable, making your gaming sessions more efficient. Ethernet is also known to be safer than other internet connections, and you can connect almost all your gaming devices with an Ethernet cable. It is best especially for gamers to get an Ethernet cable because gamers require the most speed and an Ethernet cable provides them that speed.

Disconnect Devices That Are not In Use

It also happens often times that several devices are connected to the internet at a time that are not in use. When gaming, make sure all the extra devices that are not in use, are disconnected from the internet so that you don’t have to settle for a distributed internet. When you disconnect all extra devices, you will get a less interrupted internet and your games will run smoothly.

Call Your Internet Service Provider

If you are still unable to figure out the problem with your router or internet and the above mentioned steps do not seem to work, try calling your internet service provider. When you can’t fix the issue in your internet and it is slow, the problem is not from your side, and it is always best to call your internet service provider. It is pretty common that there are issues in the overall network and a simple call can make them fix the issue for you. So, if the next time none of these tips work, try calling your internet service provider to fix your internet speed for you.

So, if you are die hard gaming fan and often struggle with a bad internet connection that makes you wait for ages and ruins your games, try these tricks and tips and speed up your internet. We understand that it sucks to have a slow internet that ruins your gaming experience and we also understand how important your gaming sessions can be, so follow the tips mentioned above and have an uninterrupted gaming experience.